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Steven's Story

Steven’s story for his love of coffee begins in a small java field in Costa Rica. Aside from its tropical beauty and endless opportunities for adventure, coffee has a storied history in Costa Rica, with a legacy that goes back nearly 300 years and became the first Central American country to export specialty coffee to the world. 

Everyday, containers full of coffee beans were picked by Stevens mother with Steven and his younger sister, Samy, by her side. With selective picking, his mother picked high quality beans as it was their household's main source of income. Coffee quickly integrated into Stevens lifestyle, even at such an early age. With so much perception and understanding for coffee, his true love for coffee exponentially grew when the opportunity to work for the biggest coffee company in Costa Rica came about.  

Fast forward many years later, Steven ended up in the beautiful Emerald City, also known as the “King of Coffee” city, Seattle. There he started his career as a Pastor, where not only did he fall in love with the city's coffee culture but also found the love of his life, his wife, Linda.

Steven and Linda’s love grew around endless coffee dates in the best coffee shops of Seattle. Their mutual love for all animals, especially turtles, hints the name “Turtle Beans coffee.” 

With love leading the way,  a little over a year ago, Steven and Linda alongside of their two golden doodle puppies, Nala and Gordo, packed their belongings to embark on a new journey across the country and start a new chapter in the East Coast. Finally after many years, Steven was able to reunite with his family.  All together as a team, with his sister Samy and her fur baby, Arya, they aspire themselves to build a business that will allow them to share their love and passion for coffee with others.

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